Consulting Engagement Services

Established companies can sometimes require additional assistance in completing a task or project. The recruitment process is never efficient in finding talented and competent people for a limited period of time.
Bitsapphire is the viable solution in that case. A complete package, with many years of experience, the right skill set, and the business acumen to understand your goals.

Consulting Engagement

This is a much more straightforward relationship than the Startup Partnership. There are no prerequisites, at all. There is no minimum time limit of engagement requirement, the number of people involved in your project, or any introductory session between individuals. If, however, both parties decide that a Week Zero type of session would be beneficial, that can be arranged.
There are a multitude of things that can be achieved with blockchain technology, and there are new ones becoming available every day. Whether it is revolutionizing the stock markets, or checking file integrity, the possibilities are endless.

If your company is in need of Blockchain tech education or implementation of it in your products, as well as consultation on UI/UX and web app creation, we can help you.

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