Our company

We are a consulting company focused on enabling you to develop Blockchain solutions for your ideas. Bitsapphire's team has tailored their skills to give careful analyses for your idea, in order to come up with the best possible solution. If necessary, we can also provide development for your idea as well as sufficient training for your organization to enable you to iterate your product in the future.

Seeing the current prospects of the Blockchain Technology industry, we strongly believe that this protocol will have large impact in this digital era. Our role as creators in this industry is to help shape a better understanding of this technology.

Our mission is to drive the Blockchain Technologies in the right direction, and we do this by offering options that cater to Startups or Corporations.

In a nutshell, we do traditional consulting for the Bitcoin, Blockchain space.

Our team

We’re an interesting group of people, most of which do not fit any preconceived mould established by society. All of us originate from various backgrounds of experience and we function together harmoniously.

In addition to providing guidance, the founders Dite, Taulant, and Valmir work tirelessly with all the rest of the team members to produce the best work that can be produced.

Composed of 17 individuals, usually working according to various time zones, that can sometimes be in different parts of the world, we’re an example of twenty first century collaboration. We don’t have an obligatory office presence requirement, and it doesn’t really matter where people are as long as the work is getting done. Of course, our points of convergence are #Slack and Asana, platforms we use whether we’re all at the office or not. This approach to getting stuff done puts us in a better position to offer our services to our clients. Because of our work culture and work methods, we can actually do more since we have less constraints.

In addition to our team, we also have, and look for interns, as a hiring mechanism, to find people that fit our work culture. We're proud of what we have created and will continue doing this until we find something better. Because that is also part of what we do: we strive to improve the future.