Our Company - Blockchain Consulting & Development

Blockchain technology is changing the way people interact and making an impact on almost every major industry. At Bitsapphire, we’ve been working with Blockchains since the beginning of 2010, and we are focused on using our experience and knowledge to drive the Blockchain industry in the right direction moving forward.

The possible uses for Blockchain technology are almost endless, but a proper analysis is necessary for any new idea. This way, we can ensure the right processes are followed in order to make your idea a reality. Our skills are tailored to carefully analyze your idea and create the ideal solution that will fit the needs and expectations of your business model.

Our cognitive approach towards business models and our technical expertise regarding new technologies and System Theory make it possible to create strategies that were not conceivable before.

Trustworthy systems, transparency, and reduced transaction costs are just a few of the benefits of Blockchain technology. Working with us will increase the value that Blockchain technology can bring to your next big idea.

Our Team

We’re an eclectic group of people, and most of us don’t fit any preconceived ideas established by society. We come from various backgrounds and experiences, but most importantly, we function harmoniously as a team.

Bitsapphire’s founder, Valmir Hazeri, provides guidance and works tirelessly with the rest of the team to produce the best work possible.

Our team consists of 17 individuals, usually working across various time zones in different parts of the world. We are an example of twenty-first-century collaboration. Bitsapphire is based in Prishtina, but we don’t have an obligatory office presence requirement. We believe it doesn’t really matter where someone is as long as the work is getting done.

Of course, our team corresponds with one another using platforms such as #Slack, Github, and Hubstaff, regardless of whether we are at the office or not. This approach actually puts us in a better position to offer our services to our clients. Due to our work culture and methods, we have fewer constraints to impede our work.

We are proud of the company we’ve built and the services we offer, and we will keep working in this fashion until a superior strategy presents itself. After all, that is part of what we do: striving to improve the future.