Blockchain Technology Solutions Service

Blockchain Technology has a wide variety of applications. As Blockchain specialists, we offer our expertise to anyone who is interested in Blockchain Development.

We’re software agnostic and Blockchain agnostic. We won’t try and just sell you any Blockchain. We will analyze your requirements and needs, and propose unique Blockchain or Smart Contract implementations.

The Methodology of Work

Before starting development and implementation of any technology or project, we must first determine the validity of the project. This is achieved through our Week Zero Service. We begin with Week Zero in order to measure the market demand for your idea. Even if you already believe your idea is valid and valuable, this process will help Bitsapphire gain a full understanding of your ambitions. After Week Zero, we proceed with Development.

Usually, we choose between these three alternatives when beginning work on a new project:

  • Use an open source Blockchains
  • Use a technology that we’ve already developed
  • Use something new entirely

We choose option C when there is no existing solution. This way, we can develop a suitable solution for that particular project.

Smart Contracts Development

Besides Blockchain Technology, we also develop Smart Contracts for almost every industry. The industry must have a need for independently verifiable data, and in the case of smart contracts, independently verifiable computation and processes.

After we determine what is needed and develop the architecture with you, we can produce the contract itself and implement it.

The languages and stacks we usually use are:

  1. Golang
  2. Solidity

Building a Relationship

Let’s say you contact us through our website. First, we will conduct a free half hour discussion via Skype. During our conversation, we will decide if your project looks promising, what we can do to help, and our next steps moving forward together.

Afterwards, we will begin consulting and schedule our next call. Consulting is normally paid on an hourly basis. During this phase, we will further analyze your goals and provide additional feedback.

Based on these discussions, we will know how to proceed further, and often we follow up the consulting hours with a Week Zero Process.