Blockchain Technology Solutions & Development Services

Blockchains are cryptographically linked and verifiable data packets. Whenever you need independently, immutable verifiable data, and there are multiple parties that need to interact with one another and have dependent processes with one-another, that’s generally where there is a need for Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain Technology can be used for creating digital currencies, advancing financial products and, overall, it has a wide variety of applications. Knowing this, we offer our expertise to anyone who’s interested in Blockchain Development.

Bitsapphire’s Blockchain Solutions Services

We’re software agnostic: blockchain agnostic. We don’t try to sell you only one Blockchain, we analyze what your requirements are, we check what is actually needed, and then we propose certain Blockchain or Smart Contract implementations. This could mean open source Blockchains, a technology that we’ve already developed, or something new entirely.

In a use case where you need a robust and hasty consensus algorithm, we could use our own open Source C++ PBFT implementation. PBFT is a consensus algorithm which we developed early on, and one of the few consensus algorithms that is actually mathematically proven. If you don’t need a consensus algorithm at all, then we will try to find out what your needs are and then based on that we pick what is best.
If there is no existing solution, then we can develop a suitable solution for that particular project for you.

Blockchain Technology Development Stages

We usually begin with a proof of concept (POC), in which case we see if there is a market need for your idea. If the idea is viable for the market, we proceed with the minimum viable product (MVP). The final stage is development, which is also the most difficult stage because of the pre-requirements.

Why Bitsapphire

We have extensive experience in both Bitcoin and other Blockchain technology.
Our experience with Bitcoin Integration, made possible to build The only client side Bitcoin Wallet Implementation, both hierarchical deterministic, as well as multi signature proof on for each hierarchical key.

We developed a music application that fully integrates with an alternative Blockchain graphene/Bitshares Blockchain: Peertracks. That required a lot of ingenuity as to how shoud be integrated, what should happen on the Blockchain, what should happen in the web app, how the interaction should happen.

We also have experience on developing Crowdfunding Platforms for Cryptocurrencies. Moonstone (is one of our internal projects) and if you do want to do a crowdsale you can do it through Moonstone. If you’re considering this, get in touch, and we will check whether your project makes sense to do your crowdsale through Moonstone and integrate your token with it.

We’ve done standard crypto currency contracts on Etherium, with a standard crypto currency tokens, for token insurance. And we’re currently doing an identity Smart Contract Blockchain system for a partner of ours.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts are essentially just code. Machine readable & executable code, which is executed by many computers in whatever blockchain network there is, like Ethereum, and which one runs the same code and checks it. Checks whether the outcome is the same.

We develop Smart Contracts, for almost every industry, where there is a need for independently verifiable data, and in the case of smart contracts, independently verifiable computation and processes

Building a Relationship

Well, let’s say you contact us through our website, then we have a free half an hour talk via Skype. During that half hour, we see whether your project looks promising, whether we can help, and together, decide on the next steps.

Afterwards, we get into consulting, where at least one of us talks to you, so we schedule the next call. That consulting is normally paid on an hourly base. During that time we further analyze what you’re looking for, we give you more feedback, links to read up on, we give you all kinds of material.
Based on that discussion we then know, more or less, what you’re looking for, and start to build on what works best.

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