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We build blockchain based web-applications and offer blockchain consulting to interested parties.

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How Bitsapphire approaches Blockchains and Shared Ledgers

This post is intended for blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, and developers. Don’t believe Blockchain / “Shared Ledger” hype. “Shared ledgers” are only…

Phase 2

What we actually wanted to do in publishing that flow chart, is to provide the steps to the missing…

“ Bitsapphire is building some of the most innovative solutions to KYC, data protection, and real time auditing on the blockchain. ”

Peter Kirby CEO and Co-Founder of Factom

“ Bitsapphire brought tremendous value to PeerTracks, not only from their expertise in the most intricate details but from their impressive understanding of the 30 000 foot view of the entire industry. ”

Cédric Cobban Peertracks

“ Bitsapphire has been absolutely fantastic and we will be continuing our business relationship. They are true professionals and I have nothing but good things to say about them. ”

Dan Roseman Coinality