To fully grasp the services we offer, it is important to understand our company values. Bitsapphire is much more than just another development company, we are a group of individuals that love what we do. When deciding whether or not to take on a project, our main concern is if we can create a life-long relationship with that client.
We establish long-term connections with our clients using two methods:

Trust It is essential to establish trust. The internet has made our world small, but the world of blockchain technology is even smaller. While some may disappear due to geography or politics, we stick to our word. It is understandable to be skeptical, but we put our reputation on the line for every project we work on. When we commit to a partner or a client, they become part of our family, and we will stand by them through every challenge. Ours is, for the most part, a business of trust.

Values Additionally, our values guide us forward and help create a connection with our partners and clients. We believe that blockchain technology will fundamentally change our future, and we are committed to being one of the most significant proponents of that change. We dedicate all of our resources to each task, in order to achieve the best possible outcome. The quality benchmark set by the market is not good enough for us, we strive to achieve more. We are passionate in our quest and consider each challenge to be a part of it.

These are our services:

  1. Week Zero
  2. Blockchain Consulting
  3. Blockchain Solutions
  4. Rapid Prototyping