Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain Technology is impacting almost every industry, and changing the way we exchange & store currency, valuables, and information. Our Blockchain Technology consulting will help you see these changes as an opportunity.

We tailor our Blockchain Consulting specifically to each client and partner. However, our objective in each consulting relationship remains the same, we intend to build a healthy and productive long term partnership with each client. Generally speaking, we provide Blockchain Technology consulting for Corporates and Startups.


It is absolutely necessary for us to know your corporation’s business model and long term purpose. We need to understand the WHY, in order to know the WHAT, this allows us to determine the right technological solution that will fit your corporation’s needs.

Integrating Blockchain Technology into your business model is more complicated than going from point A to B. It is about changing the entire landscape, and altering the way you do business.

Through our consulting services we:

  • Build a solid infrastructure for various blockchain technologies.
  • Choose technological solutions that fit your requirements, not just for the present, but moving forward as well.
  • Forecast possible problems that may appear in your industries’s ecosystem.
  • Prepare you for changes within your industry.

Utilizing Blockchain Technology will improve transparency and security, as well as reduce the cost of Corporate’s internal processes. There are many use cases for Blockchain technology, but as mentioned before, the outcome will depend on the requirements and the needs of your unique business model.

Details of the Process

When working with a Corporate we usually perform more of a traditional consulting setup. Normally, the requirements and specifications of what needs to be done are apparent and upfront.

We discuss this in one to three skype calls, and by that time both parties should be on the same page regarding the work and time frame. We rarely agree to a fixed consulting price, unless it is an acknowledged test project by both sides. Consulting with corporate partners is usually performed and charged on a time and cost basis.


Utilizing blockchain technology for an innovative and sustainable business plan creates a great competitive advantage. Additionally, having a value-creating product is key to finding more supporters and collaborating with interested parties. Overall, it is essential to crossing the chasm.

During the initial phase we will focus on the project and the value you want to create. Technical solutions will be determined by examining the purpose of the product, as well as the existing conditions on the market.

Points of discussion during consulting include:

  • What is your project?
  • What solution does your project or idea provide to the market?
  • Who are your direct competitors?

Based on how the conversation goes, we will determine the best approach for your startup. Usually, this up front work is performed on a consulting basis. These initial conversations are tailored towards testing the waters, seeing how well we work together, and creating a long lasting and productive working relationship.