When it comes to consulting, we offer several kinds: Bitcoin Consulting, General Education on Blockchain Technology, UI/UX Consulting for Crypto-Applications, Web Application Stack Consulting.

consulting for crypt startup

Bitcoin Consulting

We help you decide and understand what bitcoin is, what its benefits are, how it works on a technical side and how it works on system and game theoretical level.
We also can help you set up any contracts via bitcoin, so if you want to create some sort of notarization service, multisig service, cold storage, crowdfunding, an handlock time or payment channel service, escrow service, anything that is possible with bitcoin scripts we can do. You can talk to us either for consulting purposes or development purposes.

General Education on Blockchain Technology

Due to our unique position in the market, talking to many companies, startups, being partnered with many projects and startups we know where the market is going, both in the short and long term.

We know what is technically possible, feasible, and needed in the cryptocurrency world, and we can build or help you build blockchains with several existing toolkits and frameworks.

UI/UX consulting for crypto-applications.

Most crypto-applications out there look really bad and have terrible UI/UX. So, if you have an app that works well, but users are running away from it due to the design or UI/UX, you can talk with us, and we will help you with that.

Web application stack consulting.

This form is offered in case you decide to “try us out”.
We offer you a one to three week period as a consulting period, and after that you can decide if you want to continue working with us or not.
The documents, designs, and any potential code created during this period is your property and can be used by you with any team anywhere.

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