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A patent is a right granted by a sovereign country for the exclusive use of an invention that is useful, novel, and non-obvious. It is a method for countries to encourage scientific innovation by providing a right for the innovator to use his invention exclusively or to license it, ultimately profiting from the labor that was put into the inventing process.
What is relevant for our industry is that software can also be patented, since patent classifications derive from the IPC, and it falls under class G06 (specifically subgroup G06F9/40).

Bitsapphire’s Patent Consulting Services

We do not do the patent filing ourselves; we help startups and companies prepare their blockchain or crypto related patent filings. We only provide assistance for blockchain and crypto industries. If the application process has already begun, regardless of what stage it is in, we can work with you as long as your idea is patentable

Bitsapphire patent services

Initial Process

At the initial skype call, we see whether the patent is of interest and whether the startup that intends to file, whether it should be a provisional patent or a full patent and evaluate in which countries should patent applications be filed. We also make sure that the client has access to a patent lawyer, because we only write the technical side of things and we expect a patent lawyer to edit and potentially rewrite things to fit the local patent laws and regulations.
In the initial discussions, we also assist in identifying patentable subject matter. If the client has several ideas, we can help her or him figure out what is truly an ‘invention’ and what can be further expanded so that it becomes an invention.
Afterward, we begin writing the technical patent application documents on git (Git Book, or a private git server) or google docs, or any other platform that is used by the client and discussion continues there.

Bitsapphire research

In terms of researching ideas, we consult on the topic, since we have our experience which we can use, but we do not do in depth research with regards to the commercialization of that potentially patentable idea. So if the client has some ideas we can give them feedback, or we can give them more ideas, and refer them to someone else with which they can further discuss and evaluate them. But we don’t do the research itself.

Bringing it to a conclusion

Once our work with the client is done, the document goes to the patent lawyer, the lawyer reviews it again, and if he has questions, he can easily contact us. Once the patent lawyer is satisfied with the document, then he can submit a formal application to the relevant patent office.

If a product you have needs patenting we are here to help you.

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