Startup Partnership Services

As implied by the name, this is one service that is unique to Bitsapphire.
Our experience in going from idea to concept to product provides startups with the required knowledge and skill to advance their businesses. Our team has been involved in the creation of several products and multiple iterations of them.
Startups are a difficult endeavor, and one of the most difficult parts is finding the right talent to hire. This is where Bitsapphire comes in.
Now, depending on your company's current development, you may not have your ownership structure, or even the future of your company planned out, and we are will guide you through that as well.Startup Partnership

Before going to the prerequisites of creating a startup partnership with Bitsapphire, it must first be explained on how the relationship is created.

Establishing a relationship

After our initial communication with an aspiring startup, we find it necessary to take a step that lays the groundwork for the long-standing and fruitful relationship that will be put together. Both parties need to go through a process of convincing each party that they are the right people for the job, and that they believe in what they have set out to do. We have named this phase Week Zero.
This is the something that we absolutely require before establishing a startup partnership relationship. This serves as the perfect way for both parties to get acquainted on a personal and professional level. Experience has taught us that this short and intensive phase removes many future misunderstandings that may arise between all the involved individuals.

It also sets the vision of the company founders or directors have for the future of their product or company, so that it can serve a guide for everyone on all their future steps.

Week Zero

What happens in Week Zero:
Members of both teams (not necessarily all of them) meet in a mutually convenient place. Either our office, the startup's office, or a mutually geographically convenient place (if all of startup team members cannot participate in Week Zero, it is preferable for this process to at least happen in the same time zone as that of all the stakeholders). Both parties commit to intensive engagement for the next week or two, to work out all the necessary details required for the commencement of the relationship.
The activities include figuring out the business model, idea validation, technical requirements, technical capacities, team capacities, UML graphs, wireframing, user testing, and any other thing that is necessary and that can be accomplished with a whiteboard, internet connection and food.
This intensive and highly productive week will provide both parties with enough time to be able to make a decision if they have a future together. People are different, and everyone has their own quirks. Sometimes personalities clash, other times strong connections are formed. We understand this, and that is why we created this method of initiating a relationship with a startup

What happens in Week Zero


In order for a company to be considered for a Startup Partnership with Bitsapphire there are a few prerequisites:

  • Week Zero (explained above)
  • At least three Bitsapphire team members to be engaged in the project
  • A minimum duration of three months
  • An equity stake in the startup company