UX/UI Blockchain Services

User Experience is the result of the interaction of the users with your products or services. It is an analytical process of defining the way these interactions are created. The focus is on the achievement of the overall purpose of a product or service in the best possible way.

When it comes to designing a User Experience, it involves a lengthy process of deep thinking, analyzing, and decision-making to bring a useful, easy to use, and delightful experience to people. In this approach, the user is at the center of the design process, and everything revolves around him.

The UI is what makes a product great or destroys a great product. It is the same as walking into a store, where everything that is offered is displayed in the best possible way, and organized the way that shoppers walk. If you can’t very easily find what you’re looking for, you probably walk to the next shop. That’s why the User Interface has to fulfill its purpose in the best possible way so that users can find what they’re looking for, do it, and not go looking elsewhere.

What do we offer?

In UI/UX creation, our highly talented team, each with their own style and way of thinking, has divided the design services like this:

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Whatever stage your product is in, the process begins with your request and your needs. You tell us what the problems are and let us know what you intend to achieve. We do the rest: Start researching about your competitors, similar products, your target audience, and the values you want to offer to your clientele. The information architecture gets reviewed and restructured if needed. We then prepare a paper with our analytics report and give you recommendations for the changes that will have to be made.


This is the next level of the above service, with a further step: we also implement the changes that we recommend, via low-fi sketches or wireframes. It is up to you then to apply these changes to your existing UI guideline. Upon your request, we can also go to the next step, and design the interface too, obviously within your brand guidelines. Finally, we will provide you with all the PSD and/or sketch files, or share them with you in an online environment (zeplin) where further changes can be discussed and feedback can be left.

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Brand Identity

This is about all the visible elements of your brand (colors, design, logo, typeface, name, symbol, shapes, margins, and anything else that can be seen) that together identify and distinguish your brand in the customer’s mind.

This takes time and very careful planning. Starting from your target audience, to the colors of the brand, the mediums of communication, and even the music (or sounds) you’ll want the advertising elements to have, everything is connected and dependant on each other.

Mobile UI

The visual appeal of your mobile app has an extensive impact on users. We employ user-centered design to produce a cohesive, predictable, and desirable effect on the target audience. By targeting users on a deeper and more emotional level, we make the user experience more profound. Whether it’s a native or cross-platform environment, our team will make the best user interface.

Web Application UI

With a mindset that prioritizes user experience, the team behind the design of these interfaces has adopted a strategy to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients. From B2B solutions in the financial industry, IT, identity management, and many other industries, to B2C marketplaces and even C2C applications are a part of our successful work. Also, we spend a majority of our lives on Web Apps, and we remember which ones are the best and what makes them so.

Website Design

Starting from the nature of your business and the impression you want to give to your customers, our design team will create the perfect reflection of your values. With a mobile-first approach, your digital face will be adaptable to any screen sizes.