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Research, design and develop a perfect solution where the right freelance developers can be hired for various projects.

It is always difficult to find competent and talented freelance developers on the existing platforms. Even more so in the relatively new field of blockchain tech. Considering the revolution that bitcoin and other blockchain related technologies have brought and are bringing to the world, there are all kinds of ideas being conceived and there is a lack of developers available to produce them.

When freelance developers are introduced to their clients, both parties need to overcome their initial trust issues. Finally, although no one plans disagreements, they happen, and they are best settled by the involvement of a mediating third party.

Finally, although no one plans disagreements, they happen, and they are best settled by the involvement of a mediating third party.


While Coinality already had a message board-type setup in operation, to overcome all the challenges, we decided to create an entirely new platform.

To accommodate the solution, naturally, bitcoin was used. The idea was to use, a vetting process for developers, escrow payments, and real-time communication.

For developers to join, a they would have to go through a screening process. They would either have to be acquaintances of Coinality, or come highly recommended by them. By using real world networking, the problem of questionable skill or talent can be mitigated. For this issue, a dedicated application platform for developers was created, where they can submit their personal and professional information, which can be used by Coinality to verify them.

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To facilitate trust between parties, an escrow system based on bitcoin was created. This way, when a freelance developer is hired, payment can be made by the client to Coinality, which would hold it to the terms of the agreement between client and developer. This way, developers can work freely knowing that their work is already paid, whereas their clients have the transaction secured by Coinality in case of unfinished or undelivered work. This unique patent-pending escrow system uses a cryptographically verified public/private key process, to further establish trust between the parties, by showing and verifying payments to them every step of the way.

Projects always require the parties involved to communicate easily. Frequent and clear communication between the parties avoids misunderstandings most of the time, and it was necessary to create a platform to enable that. With developers and their clients can stay in touch in a variety of ways, to let each other know about anything regarding the project. Even SMS notifications were planned for future release.

As for the uneasy part of business where disagreements between the involved parties happen, provides arbitration services. Considering the availability of Escrow, this was a natural extension of Coinality’s role in the developer-client relationship. The solution for this aspect was built upon the real-time communication platform, where Coinality admins can take part in discussions between client and developer, in order to mediate a settlement. On top of all this, APIs were developed so that can be further enhanced in the future on mobile, other platforms, or various web services.


After some UI and UX testing for the developer application process, client project creation process, the escrow payments system and real time communications, is one of the best freelance platforms out there. Payments can be safely made or recovered, parties can communicate easily and effectively, and a neutral third party can be summoned to help settle disputes if they arise. Something that we as Bitsapphire can be proud of.

“Bitsapphire has been absolutely fantastic and we will be continuing our business relationship. They are true professionals and I have nothing but good things to say about them.”

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