Consulting Engagement Services

Our individual developers and teammates have been working in the Bitcoin and Blockchain Space since mid-2010; making us one of the most experienced teams available today. Our experience and professionalism allow us to provide you with specialized consulting on:
Blockchain Technology and Patenting an Idea

Blockchain Consulting

Our team will work with you to analyze your project and its potential. We will look to answer the following questions:

  • Should your project be built using blockchain technology?
  • Is your project worth investing time and money?
  • Which blockchain technologies are the best fit for your project? Would your project utilize existing technology?
  • Who is your potential competition?
  • What materials must be built in-house? What materials are already built?
  • Is open source software available?

Benefits of Blockchain Consulting:

  • Cost reduction
  • A fast and efficient planning stage
  • Ensuring your project is constructed the right way

Patent Consulting

We do not offer patent filing services, instead we help you prepare your blockchain or crypto related patent filings. This means performing patent research in the blockchain and cryptography space. Through this research, we will determine whether it is possible to patent your idea, and give you feedback on whether you should patent in the first place.

Each project is different and sometimes it makes sense to keep a project as a trade secret, or something else. We can also help you get in touch with lawyers and institutions in order to obtain the necessary patents for your idea as quickly as possible.

Our main goal is to align our interests with your own, and we will only perform work and research on your project that makes sense for you. We aren’t patent lawyers, but we will cooperate with patent lawyers to make life easier for you. We’re experts in the blockchain space, and we’ll provide you with our in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology to help develop, research, and patent your project.